Golf tips for beginners

Golf tips for beginners

much-club-car-golf-cart-weigh_4e4899e1eaf4880eGolf is a perfect sport for Sundays. Relaxing with a bunch of friends on a golf course is a preferred Sunday activity for many people around the world. Many beginner golfers make mistakes that cost them the money and the time, and they never learn to play properly. To avoid these things you should take a peek at this article which is filled with tips for beginners.

$(KGrHqMOKowFJLbPgp8MBSVl7Lq4-w--_32Many players buy too many gold clubs. The maximum number of allowed clubs is 14, but you should start with 7 or 8 clubs. Get a driver, sand wedge and a putter. Add couple irons to that as well as one fairway wood and you are set. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your starting clubs, get some used clubs and start playing.

Golfers with little to no experience should stick to clubs that have more lofts. A high percentage of the loft means that the ball gets airborne quickly and it won’t side-spin in the air as much as it does with little loft clubs.

Don’t buy golf clubs on the go; test them before you make the purchase. If you buy clubs from small golf shops, then you won’t be able to test them as those shops don’t have a driving range. Big game shops do have them, and you should go there for your new golf clubs. Test the clubs with different flex and see which type of the club is right for your type of game.

golf-amp-country-club-golf-poniente-imageLinkdriver_woman21Do you want to be good at golf and what is the reason for that? If your aims are set to the semi-professional game, then you should think about excellent instruction courses. These cost a lot of money, but they can develop your golf skills. Your skill level will increase proportionally with the amount of the effort you put into the training. So, if you play golf on Sundays and Sundays only, then those expensive instructors are just a waste of money.

Buying expensive balls for the golf doesn’t mean that you are a good player it means that you have some money to spend. Over the course of a golf game, you will lose balls. The amount of the lost balls should determine the price of the balls you buy. For the beginning go with the cheapest balls as you will lose most of them. Once you get better, then you should think about more expensive golf balls.

Many players start playing golf without any form of lessons. This means that they believe that the game is easy and that they won’t have any problems in mastering it. Our suggestion is to start with those lessons at the beginning. Those lessons will teach you many useful things about golf, and you won’t start as a total newbie. Don’t rely on your friends that have more experience than you because they don’t know how to convey the knowledge they have. Spend some money on a PGA professional and they will teach you everything you need to know about the game.



Benefits of playing Golf

Benefits of playing Golf

Golf is an amazing game. If you want to try out a sport in which you don’t have to be very competitive, aggressive or tackled by other people, Golf is the sport for you.

Most people think that Golf is a ”rich man’s sport”, but in reality, everyone can play it.

It’s fun, relaxing and most of all very beneficial.

When we say beneficial, we mean it provides many health benefits, but also benefits of social bonding.

So without further ado, these are just some of the benefits of playing Golf:

  1. Exposure to the outdoors.

In today’s world, the technology makes a huge part of our lives. We don’t even have to go to the store anymore; the fridge can do that for us. We know, that’s an extreme case, but people tend to sit on their chairs or couches doing nothing besides playing video games and watching TV all day. This is not healthy at all. Humans need sun exposure because it’s the only reliable way of receiving vitamin D.

Golf makes sure that you are out there, on the field, for at least couple of hours, bathing in the sun and enjoying the fresh air.


  1. Golf teaches creativity

Depending on where your golf ball landed you will have to find a way to get it back on track. Maybe do a spin ball or some kind of a trick, who knows. All in all, it forces you to think how and where you want your ball to land next.

  1. Golf players live longer

A Swedish study showed that people who played Golf on average live 40 percent longer than the rest of the population.


  1. Golfers sleep better

People who have regular exercise tend to fall asleep faster and stay in deep sleep longer. Golf provides more than enough exercise because during a one Golf round you will walk for at least four miles.

  1. Exercise

Besides getting more and higher quality sleep, Golf will provide you with a necessary everyday exercise. Those four-mile walks will help you lose weight, stay healthy and even improve your cardiovascular system.

  1. Promotes socialization and reduces stress

These two are tightly packed together if aren’t work related. Almost everyone suffers from stress. Whether it be a family related stress, work related stress or any other kind.

In order to de-stress, people tend to do many different things, but the ones that help you the most are exercise and socializing, and golf provides both.

There is a saying – The best day at work is still worse than the worst day of Golf.


  1. Low risk of an injury

Golf is among the few sports where people rarely get injured. Unlike football or basketball where injured legs, muscles or joints are an everyday phenomenon in golf you can only get hurt if you don’t watch where you’re going.

Be careful where you’re stepping and mind your surroundings and no harm will ever befall you. Furthermore, be careful when you’re trying to perform a swing next to a lake.

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